import { Type } from 'Blini'

Types are definitions for schema fields. It defines how data should be serialized to MongoDB and deserialized from it, combine with a set of data validations to apply.

All types can accept as last argument an object { index: Index, validations: Array<Validation> }. Checkout the references of Index and Validation

Native Types

Type.String, Type.Number, Type.Date, Type.ObjectID and Type.Mixed

These are native JavaScript/MongoDB types.

Iterable Types


Type.List(type: Type)

Lists are ordered indexed dense collections, much like a JavaScript Array. Type of values is enforced by type.


Type.Set(type: Type)

Similar to List, but with unique values.


Type.Map(type: Type)

Map is an unordered iterable of (key, value) pairs. Type of values is enforced by type.


Type.Ref(model: String)

Reference to another document.

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